AGAPE - an expression of God’s unconditional love,  freely given without pre-conditions, expectations or hesitation.


   YOU have the privilege of creating and sending those expressions of Agape and of encouraging others to send expressions of God's love to the Sisters-in-Christ inside Hobby Unit.

Each (All 24!) Lady in White receives a small decorative bag containing Written Agape Letters which will encourage and support them not only during the Weekend but as they create and maintain their Christian Community Inside the Walls.


WRITTEN AGAPE – Guidelines

All cards/letters are handwritten. Use plain white paper/cards or commerically printed cards (white paper base).  NO  copies.  NO homemade stationary/cards using clip art, stamps, stickers, glitter, magic marker.  NO envelopes.  Please provide 24 of the same design – may be signed by different signatures (insures equal number of the same design/type for all Ladies in White).




Address/Salutation:Dear Sister In White” 


Body: – affirmation of God’s love/forgiveness. Suggestions/examples:

                a) I am so glad God has chosen you to be part of this Kairos weekend.  He chose you because He loves you.

             b) Include a Scripture (your favorite quotation/Psalm). Psalm 46, 71 & 91 or John 15:16 are possibilites.


Closing: - Suggestions/examples:

                    a) I hope you become an active member of the Kairos community at Hobby.  It is important to stay connected to your Kairos Sisters.

               b) I hope you stay connected to your Kairos Sisters and attend Prayer and Share and Reunions each time they are scheduled.
                c) I am praying that your heart will be open to God’s love and forgiveness.
                d) I am praying that you will realize all things are possible with God.

 Signature:  “In Christ”.  “In Christ’s Love”  “Praying for You” 

Use your Name but not your address.   

Deliver your letters – deadline June 25, 2016 – to:

Dottie Fulton, Leader  #32,  St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Huntsville, TX 77342-0388


Kairos Hobby #32

St. John’s Episcopal Church

514 Carter St. 

Marlin, Tx 76661