Answering the call to attend a Kairos Weekend Closing Ceremony is an action of discipleship
                                                in the spirit of Matthew 25:36 ". . . I was in prison and you visited me.

The experience of the Closing Ceremony is a holy statement to the Ladies in White of God's continuing gift of love made manifest by your presence in the gym. 

All approved guests should be at the Entrance Gate no later than __TBA___.  An Inside Team member will be available to help facilitate getting everyone "checked-in"  (think TSA/airport process) and to the gym.  All guests will enter together. 

  • A Closing Application to attend a "Closing Ceremony" Is Required For Each Kairos-Hobby Weekend. 
  • The Deadline for Application submission  __TBA_ Is Critical.
  • In Order To Gain Entrance To The Hobby Unit, Your Name MUST Appear On The Security Closing Ceremony List At The Entrance Gate and your name as it appears on your Driver's License.
  • Approximately One/Two Weeks Before The "Closing Ceremony" Date, You Will Receive Information From the Unit Liason Team Member Confirming:
(a) Your Application Has Been Successfully Processed and Your Name Is On The "Approved List,"
(b) Directions to the Hobby Unit in Marlin, and
(c) The Time To Be At The Entrance Gate (approximately __TBA___).

If You Have Any Questions About Attending the Closing Ceremony, Please Contact:
the Team Leader or the Inside Coordinator listed on the "Contact Us" tab.

Rules of Conduct for Volunteers: