CONTINUING MINISTRY.  The purpose of Kairos is to establish strong Christian communities among the prison population through the formation of Prayer and Share fellowships.  When there is a regular, on-going Prayer and Share fellowship among the Inside Kairos Residents, the Christian community in the prison is strengthened and has a growing influence on others for Christ.  (Red Manual. V-1). 



On Saturday mornings (except Second Saturday - Reunion), a smaller group of Team Members goes inside the Hobby Unit for  Prayer & Share (about 2 hrs) with the Ladies in White (Kairos Hobby Inside Christian Community) who have attended a Kairos Weekend.  

Hobby Unit Team Members usually form carpools for the trips from Houston, Bryan/Colllege Station, San Antonio, Austin or Huntsville to Marlin.  Since we must be at the Prison Gate for check-in at 
7:15AM,, it is an early-morning trek with coffee in hand.


Guidelines for Prayer and Share

 Call the Unit at 254-883-5561 to make sure the Unit is not under a lockdown or any other problems that would prevent Prayer and Share.


  • Drivers License
  • Car Keys
  • Attendance Sheets (2) (1 for Chaplain, 1 for Alpha Broughton)
  • Black Pens (2)
  • Agape Pages (40 pieces) for the Residents to sign
  • Prayer and Share  - 8:00AM/8:30AM to 10:30AM
  • Sign-in to Volunteer Log (name, time)
  • After Check in, you will be escorted to the education building (until further notice).


  • Ask the Residents to form groups and begin Grouping as soon as they come in. 
  • Verify Lay-in times with Residents to insure compliance for departure time.
  • Minimum Group = 3 Residents.
  • Encourage  ‘group formation’  (If you see a 'group' of two, ask them to combine with another group.)
  • No pairing off inside the groups – all should participate/share.   


  • Circulate between/among groups while in session.
  • Ask the Residents to sign both Attendance Sheets. 
  • Monitor pens and signing process.
  • Remind them  To Sign for themselves only -- do not sign for another Resident.  This is a record of actual participation.  (A resident who is not receiving lay-ins needs to send the Chaplain an I-60 to get back on the list.)
  • Write your Driver’s License on one copy of the attendance sheet and put that copy in the Chaplain’s box when you leave the administration building. (If you are not sure where this is, please ask the person at the reception desk).
  • Note total number of attendees.

Send Unit's copy of Attendance Sheet to:
Sharon Lynch, Data Coordinator

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

Box 388

Huntsville, TX 77342-0388


  • At 10:20AM circle up and sing "Surely the Presence. 
  • May need to be flexible according to Unit needs and allotted Lay-In Time. 


  • Add your drivers license number to Chaplain’s copy of Attendance Sheet. 
  • Put Chaplain’s copy in mail box. Keep Unit copy.
  • Sign out on the volunteer log at the Gate.
  • Write total attendance number for Prayer and Share that day on Unit Copy of Attendance Sheet and Volunteer Log.

PROBLEMS OR NEEDS:Notify  Unit Liaison (Judy Swanson). Phone:  936-355-0891IMMEDIATELY
Email:  NOTE:  After Jan 1, 2015:  Unit Liaison = Judy Swanson 936-697-3065

AGAPE PAGES: Mail to either
Jaime Gonzalez                  OR      Jeanne Pruitt Newby,
3866  FM 1052                              Agape Coordinator
Uvalde, TX 78801                          819 Krenek Tap Road, #1302

                                                     College Station, TX 77845


Advise Agape Coordinator of actual number of Agape Pages completed ( 


We are Guests of TDCJ Hobby Unit.



P&S Guidelines  1-14-15 - Complete and detailed Guidelines - click here.